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Saturday, June 13, 2020 - Green Chives Filling Recipe Testing

Today was spent recipe testing a classic dumpling flavor, pork and green chives.  Ratios and flavors look good.  This isn't my favorite dumpling flavor but working on this recipe made me rethink that stance.  After tasting *many* pork and green chive dumplings, the appeal and popularity made sense.  The green chives have a great crisp, sharp, distinct taste.  Seeing the verdant green in the filling invokes a anticipatory sensation of savory and vegetal flavors.  I think people will like them!

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Why I'm starting this adventure

A dear friend asked me in an email last night, "Is this a full time thing or just a super cool side gig???"  My response, "I’m not sure what this is - I’m trying not to look too far into the future right now.  I’m trying to have some fun and do something that I enjoy and that I think can help people.  I’m not really emotionally or spiritually equipped to think about anything beyond that before I fall down the rabbit hole…" So why did I start this thing?  A few generic answers - I've been wanting to do a dumpling concept for a while (I actually was two days too late putting an offer for the current Halu space on...

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